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About us

Manu Marketing is a boutique marketing services company centered around digital marketing, online branding, video production, web development, and social media marketing.  We work with our clients to increase their revenue by maximizing their offline as well as online presence. As a team of dedicated professionals, we all share the same desire to push the limit, be creative, and give our clien...Read More

Video Production

Online audiences are increasingly more engaged through interactive media – video content in particular.  Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to connect with and understand brand me...Read More

Social Media Marketing

Social media provides your business with a platform to reach your customers on personal level.  A successful social media marketing strategy builds greater visibility for your organization and fos...Read More

Mobile Applications

Manu Marketing specializes in building iPhone and Android applications.  With over 16 million Android and iOS mobile devices owned by Canadian consumers, mobile applications are an ideal tool for ...Read More